About E-Trial & Trail

E-trial & Trail is New Zealands #1 importer of Electric Motion motorcycles. Talk to Francis Sydenham today to reserve your first electric motorbike.

Meet Francis Sydenham

My name is Francis Sydenham (on the left standing with Philippe Aresten owner and the man behind EM in France) and I’m the owner of E-Trial & Trail.

I have been involved in the motor industry for fifty years now and as a lad rode scrambles (moto cross) for a couple of years. In the motor trade as a mechanic, salesman and dealer principle I have always enjoyed interacting with like minded people and tried to treat everyone the way I would like to be treated. I have been involved in trials now for about 15 years and find it a very enjoyable sport with generally a good bunch of fellow competitors who are always willing to help out and advise their fellow riders.

E-Trial & Trail background

Electric Motion began building electric Trials bikes in 2010. In 2014 I imported 8 and they were very good but the models now being produced are light years ahead. Electric motorbikes are going to be the way of the future for many disciplines. Back then electric vehicle were almost non existent but now they are everywhere and sales of E bicycles worldwide are huge.

Throughout the world environmental concerns are becoming very strong and New Zealand is following suit. Electric bikes will not suit everyone but will fill many rider’s needs. Electric vehicle propulsion is here to stay and if one looks at sales of pure electric or hybrid vehicles now electric power is definitely the way of the future. Because of worldwide demand we are taking forward orders and for further information please get in touch or look at the Electric Motion France website which is very good.

Why go electric?

No burning risk

No burns from hot exhaust, no fuel or fumes, no gearbox/ carb/ air filter/ exhaust pipe/ cylinder to maintain.

Easy to charge

Any standard power point is now your fuel station, even better if you have home solar system.

Low cost

One user has calculated the cost to do an event on an EM is about 30-40 cents plus virtually no maintenance.

Less energy used

Electric motors are 95% efficient whereas the best any internal combustion engine (ICE) can get to is about 40%.


Smooth, easy to control electric motor with impressive torque.

Simple to control

Improved riding technique as you have more time to think about body position, suspension and brake control.

The amazing torque of the electric motor makes it ideal for trials

There are no gears to worry about, No refuelling or mixing, no exhaust fumes, no noise to annoy the neighbours. No kick start to worry about or cold start issues, no stalling. With the 3 power settings you have the choice of the equivalent of 125 , 250 or 300 cc type power. Because there is no noise and no kick/cold start you will most probably get more use out of the bike as you can go and play anywhere anytime.

What's E-Trial & Trail

New Zealands #1 importer of electric motorcycles. Experiencing the torque and agility of the next generation.

Our Location

Omanawa, Tauranga, New Zealand


Phone number: 0274 956 236
Email address: francis.sydenham@gmail.com